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Who should join our Partner program?

We are looking to add companies to our partner network that want to send their customers and friends our way that have a need for a high-quality marketing team. We love compensating our partners, but if you won’t let us pay you then at least let us buy you a beer.

How do you compensate your partners? 

We pay out 10% of revenue from the first 12 months of services to the client you referred - yes, even if we up sell them during that period. This is typically done via PayPal (or a similar service) on a monthly basis.

Who is our ideal client? 

We get excited about intros to business owners with mature companies in non-sexy industries. We are open to serving other types of companies, but our sweet spot is “non-sexy, high ticket per customer”.

What if our services overlap?

We have immense respect for other entrepreneurs. If you are already providing a service (website design as an example) that we also provide, we will not infringe on that business. We are fair and trustworthy.

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