July 24, 2023

2023 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Knowing the latest marketing trends will help you promote a brand better. Check the 2023 digital marketing trends that can give your business a boost.

As 2023 approaches, you realize the need to look ahead. Yes, it’s time to look forward and not remain stagnant in your business practices.

The best businesses do well because they are flexible and know how to go with the flow. They follow certain trends to continue gaining and retaining clients.

Here are some digital marketing practices and trends to expect in 2023.

More Personalized Marketing

Digital marketing has become a popular means of expanding brand awareness. With most people connected to online networks, you can access your clients through the more updated ways of marketing – digitally.

It is essential to personalize marketing because it makes your client feel seen and heard. It’s human nature for someone to want their needs to be recognized.

New technologies and SEO can help you collect more data about your customers so that you can create specifically targeted marketing campaigns.

Using AI and Machine Learning More Often

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence is also rising, not just in marketing. Understandably, their digital marketing usage will increase in 2023.

You can automate your campaign management, lead generation, and customer segmentation with AI. AI can help you better personalize your campaigns. Again, it is more effective to make your clients feel like you are talking to them directly.

It is worth noting that machine learning and artificial intelligence usage are considered some of the main aspects of future marketing.

Because you are moving toward what the future will require of you, more clients will feel comfortable keeping their business with you. They want to work with a company that continues to grow.

Increasing Visual Content

Nowadays, you capture the attention of your target audience with appealing visual content. It would help if you always were on point when figuring out what makes people tick and what makes them pause on your ad.

The growing popularity of visual content can be seen through the success of Instagram and TikTok. People want to grasp your message by glancing at a photo or watching a short video.

Creating Short, Original Videos

Let’s zero in on the previous point about creating visual content. You can expand on that and make short, original videos. While visual content can be captivating, you don’t want to use up much of your target audience’s time. Not everyone has much time on their hands.

Watch some Instagram Reels and TikTok videos to get a feel for what content and time limits are acceptable over social media.

Of course, before you do anything, find out which channels your target audience frequents. Then, you must post the content on channels and formats they prefer. The good news is that it has been increasingly easier to create such material nowadays with various social media tools readily available.

Not all your videos will become hits, in any case. Start experimenting with content and formats. Understand which ones are gaining more traction than others. Perhaps you need to stick with their types.

Investing in Influencer Content

Some people may joke about influencers. However, some of them have a significant following that shouldn’t be ignored. They are capable of distributing your message to a large number of people as long as their audience is similar to yours.

2023 will see more businesses getting into influencer marketing. This strategy has been proven to reach many potential clients. Influencer marketing is predicted to become even more popular in the next few years.

Why are influencers hot in marketing, anyway? Your audience would prefer being more connected to your company and your organic content. Because of this, an influencer is the perfect middle person.

The term “influencer” suggests that these people impact a particular audience. You need to break through all that noise and become part of the trend.

Conduct research on how your competitors are already using this particular strategy. How are they faring? What can you do better?

Focusing on Customer Service

Customer service is nothing new. Since the dawn of business, wise managers have known that they should make customers comfortable and satisfied.

Most businesses nowadays know that they should focus on the customer experience. It is not enough to sell to a client today. You must also ensure that the same client will return, thus highlighting their satisfaction.

With excellent customer service, people return or even leave rave reviews that can attract more business. They may also specifically recommend your business to others like themselves.

The rise of technology comes with pros and cons. While it helps you improve your services, expectations also rise with them. So, you have no choice but to create an enjoyable customer experience using the latest technology. People will want to know why you wouldn’t choose to increase your technology use.

One way in which you can improve your customer service is by providing a chatbot. It can provide a streamlined experience for potential clients. So, even when your actual flesh-and-blood customer service agents are offline, a chatbot can help narrow down the topics your potential client is looking for. It may even be able to solve the problem.

Chatbots are related to customer service and also to the use of AI and machine learning.

Incorporating the Metaverse

You may have been hearing about the metaverse several times over now. It is already a popular digital marketing trend, but it will still be relevant in 2023.

The metaverse refers to immersive virtual online experiences. It takes customer service satisfaction further by making consumers feel and not just see or hear about a product.

Big brands like Nike and Starbucks have created a buzz on the metaverse. However, most are still waiting for practical use for it. After all, when you invest in something possibly costly, you want a return on investment (ROI).

You may want to experience the metaverse as a potential client first. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel unique as a client? Does the experience make you want to buy the product or increase your loyalty rate?

Because it is still experimental, it is best to stand back and see how other businesses are faring with it before investing in it yourself. However, you can say that it is one of the digital marketing trends to look out for this 2023.

Using Simple and Clean Content or Messages

Your messages will not trigger the intended outcome if they are not understood. So, it is best to ensure that your content is simple, clean, and straightforward.

Use a short-form video for lower attention spans. With technology's advent and continuous growth, attention spans seem to decrease. Those using mobile devices aren’t expected to watch longer videos. They’re more likely on the go or only have a short period to peruse your content.

Sound bites, short videos, and articles that can be read in less than five minutes are ways to catch and keep your clients' attention. Find several ways in which you can shorten your messages. You can cut off some redundant information, for example. Precision and clarity are essential.

Get Your Employees in on the Plan

Employee advocacy doesn’t sound too modern, but it is something that you must use better when 2023 rolls in.

Get your employees talking about the business. Let them share more about what you are offering regarding products and services.

Employees are powerful voices because they know the business's ins and outs but do not have the same benefits as someone higher up in the hierarchy. Because of this, they present a more authentic and closer look at what the business is all about.

Getting your employees to share on behalf of your company is excellent for the business. It’s often an untapped opportunity. It is especially recommended when doing business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

It would help to have a formal engagement plan and not just word-of-mouth instruction. The plan should include training and resources. It should excite your employees enough to engage them in the strategy, and a sense of belonging to something important should only be the beginning.

Strategically Use LinkedIn

When was the last time you opened your LinkedIn? You should keep your LinkedIn active even if you are gainfully employed or running a thriving business.

LinkedIn may not be entirely new, but its recent records show significant growth and engagement. Analysts predict it will cover at least 25% of B2B advertising within the next two years. This strategy puts it right in the 2023 list of digital marketing trends.

Not many businesses make good use of the platform. Still, there is a growing opportunity that can no longer be denied. So, take a look at what you have and optimize that content. Grow your audience and use the new features to your advantage.

Develop a Customer Data Platform

To make things easier for you, your company can use a customer data platform (CDP). It works as a data hub for all user data. With all your data in one place, it is easier for you to formulate tailored experiences for each specific client.

Popular CDPs have been known to help companies earn more than usual.

Create and Launch Funnel Tracking and Optimization

The client’s experience is no longer linear in the B2B market. People can use varied paths to becoming your client. So, you get a sense of possible journeys by mapping them.

Once you get the correct data, you see the most common pathways toward sales. You can prioritize some of the paths based on this so you can improve your ROI. Again, this trend is related to AI and machine learning. Software and apps can certainly boost your ability to manage data to your advantage.

Be Visible on Google Search

Update and optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. When someone searches for your business, it will take the information from the GBP. More likely, you will show up in the local search results. This way, you can target potential clients who are near you.

So, it is best to update your information so they can contact you via the correct number or visit the right address.

Using Google Posts can also level up your presence on local searches. You can assist your ability to show up on the first page by improving your SEO game for 2023.

Improve Your Page Speed

This trend may not sound important to you, but it can affect customer experience. You can improve your website's usability by boosting your website’s speed. You want people to have a positive experience with everything that has to do with your business.

Use tools such as PageSpeed Insights and SERP Racer to help you see where you are in the speed game.

Never Forget the Basic Foundations

Despite all the fancy strategies you can use with your portfolio of digital marketing trends, you should never forget the basics.

The metaverse has so much in store, but what makes digital marketing successful still lies in its foundations.

What are some of these foundations? They include using a professionally-made website, SEO strategies, email marketing, and reputation management. These strategies have been there for a long time and belong to the list of things you should not fix since they are not broken.

However, corralling some of the newer but still basic strategies, such as digital ads, social media, and more, is also essential. Putting together all the strategies you need to succeed may be the best 2023 strategy you can find.


You may be using some digital marketing practices that work for you today. Take note of those. It doesn’t mean that 2023 presents you with so many different possibilities that you will scrap the ones that work.

Of course, constantly being aware of what is changing in the marketing world is vital in keeping your company competitive and relevant. Check out Get Quicker Leads for more information that can help you as we usher in 2023.

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